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Where to buy a big dress... and not just a dress!
Стильная одежда больших

The Meda Moore Women Magazine welcomes the beautiful ladies!

It's for you that we picked up the most stylish, fashionable, most relevant clothing collections of all categories: holiday dresses and suits, elegant dresses for office work, classic daily models... All this can be bought right here and right now, at real prices and with an example!

We work with Russian and Belarusian factories. The manufacturer will report in person on the order.

We are pleased to place in our catalogues traditional dresses (42-48), corresponding to the latest fashion and high-quality criteria. But the special focus of our Internet magazine is on the fashionable women's clothing of large sizes, created specifically for women of different ages with rich shapes.

There's absolutely everything in our range that a woman needs to be confident in her beauty in any situation:

  • Brooky, Bridge, Capri, Loose, Companies - for those who wear more than 48 sizes.
  • Blouses in the caleidoscopic diversity of coils, models, flowers and secession.
  • Flying summer sarafans and light dresses, believe me, your femininity in such clothes is completely independent of the volume of the waist!
  • The business wardrobe for the big ladies is stunned salads and uncourt cover.
  • Suits in all thought combinations: Double, Troika, classic ensembles + skirts/brooks, bold design solutions.
  • Celebrity, evening, big-sized cocktail dresses are cheap, but beautiful!
  • Tunics, blouses, cardigans, long jackets are the ideal way to underline the floating leg lines.
  • Axessuares from bracelet to clatch, under any suit, dress, blouse or tunic.

Our lucky customers!

The other photos of our buyers can be seen in the section. "The photo of our clients."

Special features of large fashion female clothing

The fact that your figure is unstandard must be proud! But to be careful about the choice of clothes, every luxury woman has a style and a colorful gamma, its length and cover. Do you live in St Petersburg? All right, come over for example or order some models, of which you can only pay for the same. Your address is another region of Russia? We'll send you the ordered post office clothes, pre-defining all the sizes.

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