Classic Clothing

Individual style in clothing (concentration of lectures): 5.3
Девушка в кожаной куртке

Sport has a special place in the suit history. Under his influence, the clothes became more simple, functional and practical. Sporty leg clothes, solid and convenient. There have been many styles that have evolved over decades of costumes for different sports, which have in turn led to the creation of new, more unintentionally and beautiful male clothing. History of sports clothes is basically a history of men's clothing. At the same time Sports style He favours the national dashboards and ears, presupposes his personality and beauty, gives the opportunity to demonstrate a sports figure and a good shank.

Sport in the modern meaning of this word began in the first half of the last century in England. Sport was a new type of physical activity, it contained a moment of mental and physical stress, risk, enthusiasm. He was happy to make himself personal. The Sports of that time took a special place among itself, and he sought to emphasize it.

The emergence of a mass Sunday sport has given rise to the development of ready clothing. According to the Polish history of Angela Banah's suit, this is the way to create a sports line, which was used to buy cheap, ready suits. Darling, well sewed, the appropriate label of the city suit was uncomfortable on the natural sea. Well, then, a ready suit rarely came up. The jacket was free on the shoulders, and it started the sports line. Everyone picked up something original and memorable: a long scarf, a high-volume Jemper, stylish boots with a shoe, an unusual hat.

Many of the sports jackets and headbears that appeared at the end of the century are the name of their creator or the first person to do it. Okay, there's a hunting jacket of the Norwegian Duke, which, together with the trousers, was three quarters of the clothes for bicycle and travel. Also known as "bowler" is a rigid hat created by the fashionist William Bowler, and its version is a black ribbon hat that Count Derby wears on the races on the hip.

Frequently, the elements of clothing were borrowed from the people where a sport was developed. All right, in the ski sports, they took a sample of the anorac of the Eskimos, in the struggle of the Judo, a tightly hustled samurai kimono, alpinists started wearing short leather trousers and a tyrol hat. The suit of participants in the traditional cereal contests conducted by English universities served as a sea style.

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