Militari city clothes
Обувь в стиле милитари - яркий

Armae clothing store for foreign armies and city clothing, Militari style

1. GARANTIA SAMUY NEXT CENSUS FOR this item in Russia: if you found a very small amount of TOVAR in another Russian Internet store, send us a reference to it, and we'll make you a lower price! NB: The goods must be in place, sometimes there are references to a long-outstanding item.
2. For buyers who are not residents of Petrozavodska, there is a discount of 5 per cent, which compensates you for a significant portion of the cost of rescheduling the goods.
3. After the first purchase, you get a discount card of 5 per cent (for other people, it means 5+5=10% discount)
4. The residents and guests of Petrozavodska can measure/replace the same product in our retail shop at the Volodhar 16 office 4 (hours of his work: Pn-Pt 10 - 19:00, Sb-Es 11:00 - 18:00, no weekends).
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Одежда милитари - магазин Милитари Урал
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Одежда в стиле Military, Casual, Thor Steinar, Alpha
Одежда в стиле Military, Casual, Thor Steinar, Alpha ...
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