Militari Clothing Style

Модный стиль милитари

When we meet a man on the street in a characteristic khaki colour, our first thought is military! But it's not all that simple: today we can see a girl in a skirt of military blossom, with axestheirs held in a military subject, and all that means one thing, it's a militari style, which, when it comes a dozen years ago, continues to occupy its special niche and occasionally bury, and then all the stores, even the internet shops of youth clothing.

- it's disqualification, turbulence, courage, and at the same time, may be construed as a sign of patriotism. In order to understand what the Militia style is carrying, the unnecessarily ill will be to address the pages of history.

Militari clothing (ing. "military," "Milithary" - military) was spread immediately after the end of the First World War. At that time, the garment planted under ordinary clothing was destroyed, while military clothing was produced regularly and in large quantities. The civilian clothes deviate and give the place to an accessible police station. In Russia, as in a number of other countries, the following practice has been adopted: the men ' s form has changed, and now that the war is over, it has acquired a second birth, becoming women ' s halats, shirts, children ' s things. Soon, the factories began to produce women's suits, in which the police uniforms were cleared. You can say that Militari as a dress style After the war, it has been established throughout the world not even as a modular event, but rather as a coercive measure.

In the 1960s, American teenagers and young people have become militars everywhere as a sign of war in Viet Nam and as a sign of hippie. At that time, military clothing became a sign that anyone could be at war tomorrow. In addition, the shape of young people wasn't conjugal: the pants were sitting on the hips, the belt was very free, it was a sense of corn and negligence.

American adherents of the Militari have proved to the world that even in everyday life, wearing these clothes is convenient, fashionable, so that the influence of the military style has been felt on ordinary consumers, as the world ' s leading modellers have noticed in time.

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