Conservative Clothing Style

What to wear on the interview is a total disregard for your style. ♪ ♪.
Консервативный стиль одежды
What to wear at the interview?
Full disregard for your style is a big mistake. Many believe that they should be assessed as they are, but often they do not. Some employers are willing to recruit such a candidate, but this is a very rare case, and the candidate must be a real genius. The rest should take into account the basic laws of social influence, which would help to place a potential employer.
A small exploration should be conducted before the interview. Study not only the history of the company, its successes and current plans, but also the corporate traditions that include the Dress Code. Try to look like a private employee of this company. The employer would then volunteer to represent the candidate as his employee, and it would be easier for him to associate the applicant on the current team.
The candidate ' s appearance should be in line with the company ' s activities. If you go to a bank interview, it's unlikely that a free form of clothing will cause the employer's location. In this case, it will be more peaceful, confident and conservative. clothing style
Consider that there is always a possibility that, in a bright and inexplicable way, the employer will not be able to see your professionalism. The bright colors, the excessive makeup, the sharp smell of the oven, the unusual hair can divert attention from other important things. Such restrictions should not be perceived as restrictions on freedom. Dress code rules are relevant for any business negotiations and formal meetings, including interviews.
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