Modern Classic Clothing Style

Contemporary Dandy: 5 signs!
Классический стиль в женской

Современный денди: 5 признаков!It's called "I'm Dendy," but so far, there's still publications about the Dandy themselves, the Dandy style, and the phenomenon of dentism has been quite small. Unless you can recall the publication of George Brammell, the founder of dendism and his famous three rules: no surprise, surprise, and leave as soon as the desired effect has been achieved. Anyway, it's time to rectify this unfortunate misunderstanding. Today we will tell you who is. modern dendi♪ More specifically, what distinctive signs he has.

Someone thinks that the Dandy style has collapsed in the summer and today does not find the true price of the thin and discreet male style. But it's not.Современный денди придерживается в одежде классического стиля It's just a modern dandy, just like his English will be packed in. Some people mix with metrosexuals, but it's a mistake. Yeah, Dandy also pays attention to his appearance, but he's always masculine. Metrosex There are some signs of feminization in their appearance and behaviour (which, however, does not speak of their non-traditional orientation). We'll talk about metrosex. And in the meantime, we'll go back to the modern dandy and try to describe his basic characteristics.

Let's not talk about who this is. Who is interested in the origin of the term and the history of dendism as a whole can read the fine book "Dendy” Olga Winstein. I'll just say that Dandy's always hidden, elegantly dressed, impeccable in speeches and manners. Not a nobleman, but aristocrat.
In the meantime, let's make five basic signs (characteristics) of the modern dendy.

Order No. 1: Classic clothing style

Contemporary dendi is wearing a classic and conservative approach. Carderobe is mandatory costume (brieks, jackets, pans and ties). And a pair of trousers, vests, coats, leather shoes, maybe a coat and even a hat. Plus necessary attributes: good hand clocks, wallet, cuffs, etc.
Dandy's tone's clothes are male and male, black, gray, white, dark blue, at least brown.

Особе внимание современный денди уделяет деталям, таким как часы, шарф, запонки. Современный денди всегда собран, но при этом спокоен и расслаблен

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