Classic Clothing Style

Привычный классический стиль в

Typical representative Classical stylein clothing English♪ The notion of English suit appeared in the eighteenth century. At that time, in England, the long struggle between feud-conservative and bourgeois-progressive currents is shaping. English style in clothing, harder in shape and color.

The business man ' s wall has first found supporters in the burgeois and progressive nobility and rapidly spread across the continent. In the 1980s, it becomes a fancy and day-to-day upper-road suit in England in the middle of the 18th century: a dry frac, a redingot (overheads with direct floors), narrow pantalons short, leather-colored boots. Unlike the dominance of French (versal) fashions (silk cafeteria and short collotes) that suit became English.

The English style also affected women's clothing. There's a change in a female suit. They're not wearing tight punks. Women's clothes are getting easier and easier.

In the '80s of the nineteenth century, a woman's English suit went into fashion, covering a man's skirt: a straight skirt with or without a warehouse and a jacket on the lining. His predecessors were all kinds of men's jockets. That suit used to be a man's shop. The tissues on both men and women's suits were stunned, often in a non-brand strip or cage.

With a relatively simple covering of the English suit at the end of the nineteenth century, mass clothing production contributed. The English style is alienated by all screaming in the eyes. This style is always fashionable, so it's called classic. He holds loyalty to an already established type of clothing (elegant, strict) subject to the requirements of the modulator and the various details (lengths and lazcan widths, trousers, jackets).

Admitted classics of the twentieth century have become style “shanel”. At the end of the nineteenth century, a woman started to test herself in public production, and an emancipation movement began. Most of this phenomenon was “facilitated” by men, claiming the first world war. Women had to fill jobs at all levels. There's a new problem, which is to go to work.

In the 20s of the twentieth century, a new Women's clothing style♪ Chanel was the first to make a short bachelor haircut, introduced a fashion to the sun and took out almost all of their wardrobe from men. Created. ♪ ♪

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