Barocco Dress

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Barocco (with the brushing, whimpering) is a fancy style of the 17-18 ages in Europe, characterized by luxury, pulmonary and cunning, Axessuarah, hair and makeup.

Stealing Barokco is, above all, multiple dresses and costumes of a complex rabbit, corsets, superfluous long stains, deep decolts, rounds not only on dresses, but also on shoes, shoe, ribbons, bandages and banths, flowing in colours and all kinds of vibes.

Pays and barocco suits are mostly sewn out of barhat, atlas, mara, silk, circumferential, taft, walnut, and thin hair.

The main palette of flowers is deep and saturated shades of red, black, gray, yellow, golden, lilow, green.


The barocco stile was born in the 16th century in Italy as a protest against strict forms and classicism. But the true blossom of this " fancy " style came at the era of King Sun ' s rule, Louis XIV. At that time, the whole of Europe was obeyed by the fancy developments of France.

Men were wearing short trousers, long enough to reach their knees, shirts hardened by a circle. There was a stone or a buster with a jabo or a backyard. The clothes were graciously decorated by circumferential fences, bands and ribbons. They put shoes on their feet on buckets or boots.

Women wore corsets that made talium thin and spectacular, and lower skirts with rigid whales. The lower skirt was a brighter shade than the top. The last one, in turn, was dripping with the waist. The raping and the batons were decorating, which at that time was deep, naked. And, of course, shoes on the heels.

Great attention was given to details. Axes such as mufts, veeras, zonics from the sun from the circus, and cane with spectacular, richly decorated handcuffs.

The use of cosmetics was mandatory for the time-frames. The pale scare face was an integral part of the barocco style. The picantal is a face-to-face.

And it's a wig or a high hair. If it was initially more natural, in the blossom of the barocco style, women could have been built with whole natührmorts, painted by all sorts of ribbons, circus, feathers, even a model of ships.

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