Audrey Hepburn Clothing Style

10 lessons from audrey hepburn
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Одри Хепберн (Audrey Hepburn) в Париже, Франция. 1957 годAudrey Hepburn in Paris, France. 1957

History has known several women born with style: one of them is a British and American actress, a photomodel and a humanitarian worker, Audrey Hepburn. The basic advice that it is important to learn: focus on the best, the worst. The rest is just details. We disbursed 10 of them from, and to I, Audrey Hepburn style.

Open shoulders

The Romantic comedy of Billy Wilder Sabrina (Sabrina), released 1954, brought Oscar to an Edith Hed costume artist (Edith Head) and underlined the red line of Audrey Hepburn. For the design of her dress, the actress selected the famous Spanish Cristobal Balenciaga, but he refused to cooperate.Японский постер к фильму «Завтрак у Тиффани» и кадр из фильма, 1961 год The four-yang deep cut, as well as the famous black dress with open shoulders for Sabrina, was conceived by a legalistic French modeler, Hubert de Zivansha (Hubert Givenchy), with whom, even after working on the Audrey film, friendships were maintained, dressing in Givenchy and in humans and in life. Hubert. created First Hepburn Aromat, calling it "L'Interdit." Ban.


Another sign film on Audrey's account, "Funny Face," 1957, which each of you must have seen, lying under the blanket on Saturday night. The actress shows up on the screen with Fred Aster. He plays a fashion photographer from New York looking for “new faces” for the Quality magazine.Кадры из фильма Soon, he finds a girl from the bookstore and opens up a world of fashion industry.

In Audrey Hepburn's footage screaming in several dior and Givenchy dresses without A-Silouette's sleeves, but certainly with gloves to the elbow, confirming his status as "Stille icons”. Particularly relevant in the 1950s, the new look Christian Diora, ideally highlighting the female figure, became one of the main features of Audrey Hepburn's style, making every girl remember the footage from the Fried Face and Sabrina, going to the holiday dinner.

On the left to the right: portrait of Audrey Hepburn on the film site of the film "Fucking Face"; Audrey Hepburn in a Juber de Zivanshi dress (Hubert Givenchy)

Справа: арт-постер к фильму «Забавная мордашка», 1957 год Слева: Одри Хепберн и ее питомец олень Пиппин (Pippin)
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