Steel Types In Clothing

Steel laws in clothing:
Типы мужской фигуры

A person ' s visual appearance in the perception of another appears to be a " combination of lines, flowers and facts " that has some emotional impact on him. The nature of this influence is determined by the laws of harmony. The sound of a colorful garment with a type of appearance gives a good impression of the man and promises comfort in communicating with him. On the contrary, any dissonance in the forming of an external species creates tension in interpersonal interaction. Therefore, if a person is interested in creating a good impression of himself, he must take into account the laws of harmony in the form of his or her appearance and endeavour to create his or her individual style in clothing. The task is not simple.

Steel is a complex, multi-component concept, synthesis of different elements of an external and internal human face. The concepts of " clothing " , " style structure " , " Individual style " can be defined as follows. The garment style is subordinate to the same idea that all the parts of the clothing are agreed on in combination, shape, colour, material that exists in a permanently approved society of unity. The structure of the style consists of certain elements of clothing, shoes, hair, accessories. Individual or personal style is a combination of parts of an external species that distinguish a particular person from other people and ensures personal attractiveness and dislike.

The formation of the style is carried out in accordance with the law of the ensemble, which includes the law of colony, the law of drawing, the law of form, the law of conformity.

Coloristics (beauty, paint) - Color science, including knowledge of the nature of colour, basic, composite and additional colours, colour characteristics, colour contrasts, colour mixing, colorite, colour harmony, colour culture and colour language. Colour is one of the most important tools for the emotional and artistic expressions of the human face. Colority is a flower system that is a form of unity and an aesthetic expression of the red diversity of reality.

The nature of colour combinations may be calm or tense, cold or warm, light or dark, and, by the degree of saturation and strength of colour, bright, discreet, black, etc. In any work of art (which is the suit) the colori will be formed by complex and inexplicable interaction of paint.

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