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Militari clothing
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Одежда Милитари купитьSince the end of the First World War, the world ' s industry has been in need of reconstruction, many enterprises have been destroyed. In order to provide people with clothing, the fabric of the uniform was in motion, because it was out of the way. There were clothes for both men and women, and even for children. This has been the case in a world of fashion that has been relevant for many years.

Militari in clothing It's a unique opportunity to change the usual routine image by styling clothes or accessories under military uniform.

Militari in male clothing Every year, he's getting a lot of popularity. Man's Military Cloths enables high-sex members to express their masculinity in the garment, in its details, through color and fact.

Main features of the male Militari style in clothing:

  • Predominant colours: Haki, brown all shades, black, gray, dirty green, dark green;
  • Rigid tissue;
  • Large parts, such as collars, overhead pockets, voluminous shoulders;
  • Axes, which are a military attribute: buttons in two rows, stylized belts, belts, ordens and others;
  • It is clear and discreet, all lines and lines straight, and each element is underlined and highlighted.

Our Internet store has a brand-new American brand. Alpha Industries Creating a military uniform for American soldiers, as well as militar-like stacks for civilians.

Alpha Industries used to be doing the sole wrapping of military jackets, and today it's a cult mark of clothing. Do you think a company that wears an army of a great country can produce non-quality clothes? I don't think... Alpha jackets and trousers are valued around the world for their outstanding quality. Otherwise, it cannot be, because the cycle of stitching some products consists of 57 sewing operations.

Thousands of people around the world choose this trademark: hunters, fishers, young styles and even cultural gods. (David Beckham and John Travolta are long-standing lovers of Alpha Industries). Alpha Industries: Choose practical people!

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