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Autumn of patriarchs, how America opened.

Nowadays in the United States, being a pilgrim father, a colonist who arrived on the Mayflower ship in 1620, is more than aristocrat. But there's a nuance: the history of first-serving settlers began with deception.
The colonists of 1620 were not the first British settlers in New Sveta, the English have tried to settle on the coasts of North America since 1585. Nor did they become the first non-existent foreigner community, in the Virginia region, whose settlement charter King Yakov I gave to the London shareholders company, there was a Jamestown town based in 1607 and several villages around him. Not rich, not aristocratics, not seamans, but they were what they were called " small people " , but they are now being read as legendary patriarchs of the American nation, and millions are proud to be the descendants of the pilgrim fathers. Among these millions are many celebrities: Clint Eastwood and Richard Gear, writer Thomas Pinchon, publisher of Playboy Hugh Hefner, President Bush... ♪

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Nearly half of the Mayflower passengers were a cohesive community of Puertontana Brownists. Brownists - they're separatists, they're congregationists, they're " saints " - different from other burritans of special freedom, not recognizing the central church authority. Their ideal was the small self-governing communities of the early Christians who chose their own leaders. Like all the Puritans, the Brownists called for rigour in their homes and rituals, rejected the wizard worship and the church hierarchy of the English. The head of the English church was a British monarch, and he certainly considered such views to be dangerous. No bishop, no king, was talking to Yakov I. The authorities chased the Jeretics: the prayer houses of the Puritan all over England were closed, their leaders were arrested.

The Braunist community from Skrubi, Nottinghamshire, relocated to Holland in 1608 and spent many years in Leiden, but did not stay on the outside: immigrants felt that a multilingual environment and local customs had a bad impact on their children. In addition, the Dutch truce with Spanish, Catholics, evil enemies of Puritan, expired. In the meantime, the English authorities have established surveillance for the Leiden Congregation: they have sought the Chief Executive, the publisher of William Brewster for his pamphlets against Yakov I and the hierarchy of the English Church to judge and hang.

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