Militari In Male Clothing

Militia: the way to today

Стиль милитари: путь к современности5277

Militari style can now be boldly classified as the most popular and demanded. He's chosen by active people, with a clear life position, loving fashion things from the crowd. But what's the Military style?

Militari's style is a line in clothing that is considered close to the category of Unisex. The use of various elements of military equipment is characterized by the use of camouflage tissue in clothing, military boots, headbags, accessories and jewelry, such as braces, in the form of bullets, etc.

A little history.

Модные луки в стиле милитари от Lacoste осень-зима 2013-2014The influence of wars on fashion cannot be underestimated. In the past century, during the First World War, sewing enterprises have actively carried out exclusively military orders. At the end of the confrontation, there was a re-excess of the specials, and the daily models were in deficit. So the military uniforms started to wear every day. The clothes were just overwhelmed. That was the beginning of the formation of the Military style.

In the 1960s, this style was interested in hippie. They have undoubtedly replaced the tight waist on the free chatting and having a massive buckle. And sacky pants came to the place of elegant trousers. During those years, the military pattern of clothing was a protest of the Vietnamese war. The young people who wore it showed that the military uniform was used in peaceful life.

But the features of the modern Militari style only acquired in the '80s.

Militari on fashion shows

Militari's fashion style is present in collection shows every season, welcoming fans. The true blossom of military style is in 2010 when its features were visible literally in every collection of any fashion house.

Because military style is one of the components of sports style, it is more close to men. They'd love to wear army boots and summer jackets and other things in everyday life.Military look John Galliano spring 2008 Male Militia clothing - This is a great variety of options for fasons, forms, colours, decorative elements. It would be better to know what the characteristic features and characteristics of this style are for men.

Militia moddles from Lacoste Autumn 2013-2014:

Мужская одежда в стиле милитари от John Galliano осень-зима 2007-2008 Military look John Galliano spring 2008 Мужская одежда в военном стиле Burberry Prorsum весна-лето 2011 Мужская одежда в военном стиле Burberry Prorsum весна-лето 2011

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