The Most Stylistic

How do you make the Mod Pilot 2016: top-5 hair
Подборка - самые стильные

A great version of the fashionable, long summer 2016 is cos. But in fashion, all their variations, from negligent French bulbs on one side to complex lashes of the Games of the See. Especially in the trend, two tight colic-colics that are so fond of Kylie Jenner and we used to wear as a kid. The big plus of lashes is that you can clean up all your hair, and you can wrap up a little dodge, leaving your hair dissolved. Depending on the skills, both everyday and super-events can be created, even for the red carpet.

Two beams

Как сделать модные прически лета 2016: ТОП-5 причесокA fun, shameful hair of 10-year-old girls this summer was the hottest season. They wear it both with jeans and rabbits and cocktail dresses. Don't be afraid to look funny, it's no longer fashionable. Like the half-pound situation, the most important thing about this hair is volume. So you're going to have a bad, spray or a budder for volume and hair. By the way, if there's a thickness of hair, you can make two half-pounds on this base. All right, so that's a bow.

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