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How to dress rock style
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Изображение с названием Dress Like a

Method 1 of 2: Rock style for girls

  1. Example the bare jeans. In order to get a classy, distracted clothing, try to break the jeans in several places. With the blade carefully cut the portion of your knees on the old jeans. Or wear regular jeans until they're out, so the trousers will have a more natural turf. The touching will be the same for both free and narrow pants.
    • Firm and new clothes don't look like rocks. Smash your new clothes a few times, eat it in the car or hang it in the sun and leave it for a couple of days to drip. So you're gonna get a more vintage type of clothing, so it's faster and it looks old.


  2. Shove free, big T-shirts. To look like a rock-gull, put on shirts with the names of the rock bands you love. Pick up some nice, black rifle shirts or some type of classic rock bands, like Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Rooling Stones.
    • Girls often cut sleeves and t-shirts to make her look more like a shirt than a man's shirt. You can wear a white shirt from the bottom so you don't go completely.Изображение с названием Dress Like a One shoulder for a more effective species.
  3. Put an old cardigan on top or a flashy shirt. Men's shirts look at girls very rocky. Granddushkin' sweater doesn't look fun, but it's very nice with the Sabbath shirt and the bare jeans. Such a collection of things is a very cool and a little ironic way of claiming their rockers.
  4. Couple women's and rough clothes. Comparing the opposites, you can look like a rocker. The doll dress or the beautiful summer dress don't look at the rocks, but in combination with the rough boots, you'll be a rock style master.Изображение с названием Dress Like a Add a little punk style, put your shoes on and your jeans.
  5. It's a red lipstick and a black eye pencil. The rocker's magic is quite simple. Don't overdo it. Bite your eyes with a black pencil, put red lipstick on your lips, and you'll get a sharp and totally rocker image that fits your new clothes style.
    • Among today's rockers is still popular with the Batty Paige makeup, and he can be an example for you.
  6. Very long or very short hair. The rocker girls tend to have extremes. Long hair is lower than the shoulder, the squirrel close to the eyes, the image is very popular. So if you want to do this, too, grow your hair or cut them very short. What could be cooler than a super short punk hair? Or even Iroquez.
    • Anyway, the Rokers' hair is usually rather insecure, so it's easier to wash your head in the front row.Изображение с названием Dress Like a But that doesn't mean there's got to be a bird nest on your head.
  7. As accessories, choose cheap collars and rifle bracelets. As a rocker, you can buy a lot of cool jewels. Buy cheap rifle things that look like they hit us from another dimension. No fashion, expensive jewelry. The axes will supplement the image. Bandans, big rings and piercing are all supplements to the rocker style. Your kind will be super-roker if there's a few rings on each arm.
    • A multi-layer sauce of different styles will create a complex rocker. For example, a mixture of Sven Tyler and Janice styles. It's hard to get dressed in rock style. The shape of the rocker is both cool and funny. So take the maximum.
  8. Take an example from your cams. Who doesn't have rock singers inspiring? To the rockers with the magnificent. in clothing May include:
    • Janice Joplin
    • Madonna
    • Courtney Love
    • Annie Clark (St. Vincent)
    • Chan Marshall (Cat Power)
    • Paz Lechantin


Изображение с названием Dress Like a Изображение с названием Dress Like a Изображение с названием Dress Like a Изображение с названием Dress Like a

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