Steel Haircuts

Strikes for medium hair

Женские стрижки для средних волос осень зима 2015 2016_
Female hair cuts

new: Women ' s haircuts medium Autumn-Zim 2015-2016

Modern cuts on average can afford any woman. Such a haircut conceals some of the flaws of a person, but natural dignity underlines the appearance of some mystery, exquisiteness and balls. And if the length of your hair allows for a long haircut, don't be afraid, try and choose your option. For fans of the eternal classic, the barber fashion from the world ' s subsidioms of the season of autumn and winter 2015-2016 has steadfastly left the constant Car and beansa little work on their performance. The use of clear geometric lines is no longer so relevant in the medium-range hair flexibilities, the trend of some negligence combined with soft and mobile layers of textur hair. The volume is no longer rigged, and it also seeks to look as natural as possible. Asymmetry is also very welcome, both in some detail, like a scapegoat, and in the whole haircut. For the most stylish and advanced, the so-called haircut, which also helps to create the necessary volume and to give hair the effect of eternal motion.

Modified medium-range hair haircut photos - fashion legs

Medium-range haircuts - novels with the Mid-Zim 2015-2016

Over the past seasons, we've been watching fashion designers without their talented hands, improving the retro-reflectors of "cara," "bob," "pag," "sessone," "cascade." And retro-style, by strengthening its position a year from year to year, was presented in modern fashion show by these models, but in modern interpretation.

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