Steel Hair For Girls

Cosmetics for girls, simple and stylish
Модные прически для девочек

It's important not only to look in perfect shape, but also to teach your children. Moms need to remind their daughters that their girls are beautiful, and also support their appearance. Watch the clothes that must be clean and glazed, and also help a girl take care of her hair. If your daughter's unsatisfactory, but you want to do her hair, the right thing is fast. with your hands♪ Even for calm and patient kids, it's gonna be helpful, because in the morning, we're all in a hurry and we're all going to have to go through the complex cos. Here's a few high school craftsmen to set up express hairs at school or kindergarten.

My hair with little sausages.

To create this simple, handsome, primitive, you're gonna need 11 little rubbers and, of course, haircuts.

Step 1: Do the sidewall and go around four thin tails.

Step 2: The second and third tail shall be separated by half from the rubber and assembled with the neighbors. It's got to be three tails now.

Step 3: The central tail will be split up by half again and join the streams. You'll have a rubber.

Step 4: There's only two colics left to complete the hair, and the rubber ends are fixed.

Infinity from space

A lot of young moms don't remember the hairs of two colics attached to the bowl or ribbons in the back. We do not propose to strike in such a deep retro. But two colics can be wrapped up and connected in a tedious way with rubber and hair. Fixing your hair to the skies can only be wet their water or a little gel, so the hair will be smooth and brilliant.

Step 1: Split your hair into two parts. Make two low tails and plug the slices from the rubber.

Step 2: Take the right slice and the end of it, seal the same rubber that holds the base of the coin. Another rubber can be added to the reliability.

Step 3: Put the left coin on the ring you got on your right.

Step 4: Put the left coin up like the right.

Step 5: Using barrels or other decorative elements, rubbers may be covered in the bases of the ring and gambling the hair. Add the identity of this hairstyle can be added by an unusual probe. Make him a zigzag or a waver.

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