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French style in clothing and not just
многослойность во французском
французский стиль в одежде фото


French women and, in particular, Parisians, even though they are considered to be the most stylish and fashionable in Europe and the world, the clothing values comfort rather than relevance. Girls and women look like they put their first hand in hand and went to this office or on a date or a celebration. Contrary to the stereotyping of femininity, French women rarely wear heels, only for meaningful activities, and each day they prefer shoes on flat feet. The bases of their wardrobe are gins-channi, simple tops (including stuns), cardigans, trousers and ballets.

By the way, the ballets are French women's favourite shoes. It is worth mentioning here that they are rarely dressed in weather conditions, often in winter on the street, to see girls in shoe and ballets or in coats and shoes on their naked leg.

Another important characteristic of French style in clothing for women is simplicity. They ignore jewellery, especially brothels, and use axes to a minimum: wear all the functional ones, big bags, warm hats and scarfs. It must be understood that the typical image of French women in the wheat skirt, berete, gloves and red lipstick remained in the 20th century and has nothing to do with modern France.

французский стиль фотоIn addition, Frenchmen, with the hand of Mademoiselle Chanel, who revoked the corset, and Iva Sen-Loran, who dressed his models in abdominal costumes, loves the clothes in a man's style. Strict coats, voluminous jackets, classic trousers with arrows, hats and eyebrows can all be seen on the streets of French cities. Look at the photo. French style in clothing And inspirate!

French Shik in clothing: favorite brands

The loving online franchise is La Redoute, which provides modular clothing at the prices of the mass marker and is in French spirit with simple salads and calm flowers. Women with a higher margin preferred brands such as Sandro, Maje and Claudie Pierlot, which had been owned by one company since 2009. French women also appreciate the bends Isabel Marant and Karen Millen.

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