Chicago Clothing Style

Cicgo dress, glamour cap
Чикаго 30-х. Стильные фото

The city of gangsters and cabaret was born in Chicago in the 1930s. During that time, he was dried up with luxury and free temples, which affected the fans of dresses and suits, the choice of axes and makeup. However, the luxury and the greatness of the big city were suppressed by the Great Depression. Therefore, along with the accessories from the precious stones and the valor of the natural mechanics, this style allows for the use of excruciating buoyancy.

Specialities Chicago clothes

Beauty and femininity are the main accent of the Chikish Module dress. For the first time in American history, the length of the dress rose to its knees, and the sleeves used thin braces. The genre classic is a dress with a rotten back, a lightener and a candid dew. In such an order, a woman could not have drawn the attention of a strong half of humanity. Here are a few more features of this style:

  • the variation of the length of the dress - to the knee or to the kernel;
  • Lower tale, which, compared with past fashion, grew up from the middle hip. In another 10 years, he came to his natural location;
  • The crotch of a cosmetic dress, which allows a beautiful shape of the figure;
  • Materials: shiphon, silk, atlas, barhat;
  • Multiple decor in the form of blitz, paets, bisera, straws and bachroms;
  • A focus on the thin waist and broad shoulders that have deliberately increased with the help of sleeves and wings.

Men ' s fashion, by the way, has not changed significantly during this period. The suit of Chicago is a triple of good tissue that highlights the status and wealth of the owner. If the money wasn't all right with the man, his wardrobe was limited to a shirt with free-cover trousers that were on the stretch.

Одежда в стиле Чикаго — роскошь и гламур

How do you create a specimen of the Chicago diva today?

You're gonna need a dress with a slightly underweight waist of rabbit and decor: a bachrom that can be sewn in the decolt zone and a slice of the floor, glitter and, of course, accessories.

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