Build Some Clothes

How do you get new clothes and save yourself?
Как подобрать стиль одежды

Как подобрать себе новую одежду и при этом сэкономить?Contents:

Consider a detailed procedure for the selection of a new wardrobe from the collection of existing clothing and until the purchase of a new one at a small financial cost.

Step 1. Audit of old wardrobe

What do you do if the clothes, once very fashionable, are no longer happy with the eye if you really want to update your type of wardrobe, and you don't have the free means? We offer you a way to create the impression of a new large wardrobe at low cost.

The first step towards the emergence of new clothing models in your wardrobe will be a complete audit of the already available Women ' s clothing♪ First, get all your stuff out of the closets, the comedians, the chiffoniers, including the underwear, the barrels, the jewels, the women's accessories, etc. - How's the big pile?

Separate everything that has been removed from the closet to three separate groups:

  • Group 1. Permanent socks
  • Group 2. Clothed clothing
  • Group 3. Clothing, which is a year away, or more.

In the case of underwear, it should also be carefully analysed and exemplified, and left only if:

  • bra straps or beans shall not be cut in the shoulders, and large straps will be more suitable for the big chest;
  • The bra's cups are well placed in the chest without allowing it to be removed from the side or bottom;
  • The length of the strap is such that the bustgalter picks up and supports the chest;
  • The brass brassier is what you feel only comfort and no inconvenience, for example, when your hands rise, turns, inclinations and so forth;
  • panties tighten the stomach and stress the talium if necessary;
  • panties don't drink in the body on their hips and leave when they walk.
  • The laundry didn't lose elasticity and shape, it didn't take a lot of style.

All the underwear that do not meet these demands, throw it out of your hands! Don't be ugly!

When you pick up your braces, go to the basket:

  • Cycles with tights, especially with arrows or holes;
  • braces not of your size;
  • Lureks, light, if you don't want your legs to look bigger;
  • It's a drawer if you don't like it or you've been out of fashion a long time.
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