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The first camouflage came at the end of the 19th century, when English colonial troops participated in the conflict in Africa. At that time, the British used for the first time a shade of haki in military uniform, borrowed from the Hindus and translated into a " dust colour " . Characteristic stains appeared later in 1909, following the publication of the Abbot Tayer Book on theory of scientific mimicry. Over time, in addition to the classic camouflage for green forest, various colours of the Military clothing for deserts, marshes, cities, etc. were developed.

Who's wearing milithari?

Our military clothing store has a wide range of goods and everyone can choose a suitable option. The military camouflage and equipment today are not only demanded by the security forces. Militari clothing has now become an indispensable attribute for tourists, hunters, fishers, and geologies, archaeologists, gays, etc. Camouflage and equipment are valued for quality such as:

  • The ability to connect with the environment. Militari's clothing is just necessary for good hunting or fishing.
  • Convenience. Typically, camouflage and equipment have a lot of pockets for different petty things, no shy of movement, and it allows the body to breathe, because it's predominantly natural.
  • Exterior view. The stained drawing also makes any dirt undetected, which helps to keep a hidden species. Militia clothing Even under the weather.
  • Low price. Camouflage and equipment are cheap, so it's not pathetic to get caught, burn or break.

Moreover, since the 1960s, the Mlitari style has become popular in daily clothing. Moda began with protest by civilians against wars, but quickly changed its original message. Today, these Militari clothes symbolize courage, strength and freedom.

Why is the Extim-Hanter military clothing store the best place to buy camouflage and equipment?

In our military Internet store, you will find quality clothing in milithari, camouflage and tactical equipment from known producers such as BlackHawk, Voodoo Tactical, CONDOR, Rotcho Army, Alpha Industries, Propper and many others.

All products are offered at producers ' prices. Moreover, for permanent and wholesale buyers, we have an attractive discount and bonus system.

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