Classic Clothing Style For Women

Классический стиль одежды для

- It's a combination of simplicity, rigour and elegance. Translation from Latin means " high-level, top-class, exemplary " . Otherwise they call him eternal style. Classic style is the foundation of fashion, which is why it fits people of any age and any figure.

This pattern of clothing is most likely to be found in people ' s intellectual work: managers, politicians, secretaries, educators, managers, lawyers, etc.

From history

This style used to be called English style, as he came to us in the sixteenth century from England. Later spread across Europe. He's considered one of the oldest styles in his clothes. Sometimes he's still called a purism that connects to the English puritany, which has been characterized by humility in the shoes and in the clothing, rigour, abnormal gamma.

Originally strict English suits were wearing only men. But with a feminist in the classroom, women are also dressed.

Coco Chanel is considered to be a woman's classic style. That's why she fashioned women's pantsuits, direct skirts below her knees, blouses and jackets. She's the one who invented the famous little black dresser that must be in every woman's harbor.

Great features of classical style

The minimum of the details and the maximum of the sketch is, I think, the main characteristic of the classical style. Its distinctive features are:

  • strict, simple, practical. High cuts on skirts, deep decolts, too tightened beans are excluded;
  • expensive, high-quality tissue (shersten, lane, flange, cotton, thin habardin);
  • A neat, clutched, obsessive colour gamma. As a drawing, cells, stripes, trees are allowed;
  • lack of components on clothing such as vollans, buries, banats, etc. Strict buttons, small size;
  • Fancy shoes without decor;
  • minimum accessories.


Classic style in clothing does not allow for bright flowers, sharp contrasts, sandy drawings. The perfect color of the classic suit is black. Although there are also non-bright shades such as brown, refugee, gray, blue.

The basic clothing of the classical style is a suit (with skirts or trousers), a saline is a little stiff with its distinctive character - minimism.

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