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Стильная медицинская одежда
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MediHaus merchandise certificate
Our company, after long expectations, became the right holder of the Medihouse trademark certificate. We've been waiting for this event for three years. Now our clothes are placed on intellectual property, and we have the right to defend our interests in court from bad faith producers who are engaged in the plastics of our medical clothing collection, MediHaus. Our production company has its design headquarters, and each model is being developed for at least a month from the sketch until the model comes out to our site. We create every year a new collection of fashionable medical clothing for the fans of our firm, as well as for those who want to put a new new new one in their model row, and for the first time we get our clothes. We have medical clothes every day, a paradise collection, and we have a lot of emphasis on bright color solutions. We're a dynamic developing firm, and we want to welcome our health-care workers to our bright and plastic clothes
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