Business Style

Official business style

Official style - The functional style of speech, the means of communication (particularly written), in the field of business relations: in legal relations and administration. This area covers international relations, jurisprudence, economy, military industry, advertising, communication in official institutions, government activities. Substance: Legislative (used in the sphere of State administration, volatilities of function); administrative and clerical (incorporation of personal business documents, agency documents, underlines the nature of administrative relations - loans, advances); diplomatic substrate (at the international level, relations between the Government and diplomats).

Among the book styles of the language, the formal and business style is distinguished by its relative sustainability and closure. Over time, it has naturally been subject to some changes due to the nature of the contents themselves, but many of its features, historically established genres, specific lexico, phraseology, syntax revolutions, give it generally conservative character.

Characteristic characterBusiness style Yes The existence of many speech standards in it is cliché. If, in other styles, chabloinized revolutions are often a stylice, in the official business style, in most cases they are perceived as being quite natural.

Many types of business documents have generally accepted forms of presentation and location of the material, which certainly facilitates and facilitates their use. It is not by accident that in a business case, ready forms are used, which should only be filled. Even the envelopes are customarily written (different in different countries but firmly established in each of them), and they have the advantage of both writers and postal workers. Therefore, all the speech cliches that simplify and speed up business communications are well suited.

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