Punk Clothing

Панк стиль в одежде: как

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Intact punk style attributes

  • The jeans, which must be lapsed, paid or dirty;
  • Heavy military boots, black or non-ferrous with metal noses;
  • Large nets;
  • Black T-shirts with epic writing or a picture of a beloved punk band;
  • Appreciable accessories (single swellers, large turtle rings, etc.);
  • Iroques and black eye submarines;
  • women have a very bright makeup.


In the 1960s, there was an incredible hippie time. Popular groups Rolling Stones, The Beatles brought musical groups performing rock and roll. Then it was just a punk style.

Closer to the 70th young people, the hippies are really tired, and there's something new, provocative. The slogan “peace and love” has been replaced by harsh “sex and violence”. That's how the punk style came. Initially, he was only a direction in the music. The public group in this genre was American Ramones. It is true that the punk style was expressed only in an obscene behavior on the stage and in a rather primitive and cumbersome manner of song.

The original punk style in the clothing was Vivien Westwood and Malcolm McLaren, the producer of the famous Sex Pistols group. At the time, an unknown Westwood Malcolm opened a bottle in 1971, called Let’s it Rock.

Vivien, who had no knowledge of the Portuguese case, was just as capable. Her hands were made out of crazy clothing models - bare pants, t-shirts with shoulder stitches. McLaren wrote scandals for such shirts: "I'm not a terrorist, don't arrest me" or "Get Generation."

In 1975, they decided to change the name of the Let’s it Rock on Sex. Since then, the shop has become a punk and other marginalized youth. By the way, Vivien Westwood became the prime provider of the Pankov fashion from the kuture. She's the first to make her hair, a bleed ear that's popular today. And a rowing shirt with the image of Queen Elizabeth II with an English pin of the mouth has produced the effects of a broken bomb in society.

In 1974, McLaren founded Sex Pistols, and Vivien Westwood invented the group style.

The new punk culture became so popular and comprehensive that even the Italian Vogue edition in 1976 devoted several pages to the Pankov fashion flow.

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