Steel Short, Straight

Mod cuts (30 photos)
модные короткие стрижки

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It's a season. Short haircut♪ The stylists recommend adding a little boy's ass to a woman's image and breaking up with long wolves. The stars show a good example: picsi and volume cuts are the most popular among celebrities this year.

Their long hair without regret shattered Charlotte Teron, Ann Hetaway, Miley Cyrus. If you've decided to join this group and follow the fashion trends, all the hair cuts will tell you.


In the film " Roman holidays " , the famous actress, Audrey Hepburn, was presented to viewers with a disgraceful little boy. Since then, the popularity of the picsi has not fallen, and the last three years it has become one of the most popular.

Who will: The picsi hair cut opens the face, and it'll fit the round, heart and square face. The swellings in this case are underlined by a slightly long hanging. That kind of thing makes a special ball.

As to lay down: picsi requires careful care and regular layout. Don't forget to adjust to the master, or the haircut will lose its shape.

Structural orders

The essence of the layout is to separate the peppers. Clean wet hair dry with a phen and a round cheek. Then strip a little wax in the palms and make out the braces by brushing the hair of the lung negligence.

And if it's chaotic, it'll be a rock haircut.

Pixy with a squirrel

If you've made a haircut with a long, straight-line, you'll be fine with a-a-la Demi Moore's hair from the film "Ancting." Put your hair on the line of their growth, put your sock on the big bigs, and then slide on your forehead.

Elegant smoothness

You want a strict classic? Make a smooth hair. Read your hair back with gel, add smooth hair. Or straighten your hair and put it on the sidewall.


Bob is Coco Chanel's favorite haircut and Cleopatra himself. All the time, she's relevant, she's giving her wool and sexuality. There's a difference in the performance of the bean car, multilayer and direct beans.

In the first case, the master applies the grading, in the second, makes hair cuts in smooth hair, without legs with clear edges, in the third performs the so-called " cascade " or " dysfunction " , i.e., hair cuts in length and layers from short to long.

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