Steel Combination Of Clothing

Colour combination in clothing
Правильное сочетание одежды

Simple advice on how to correctly combine colours in clothing + table
Exclusive! For those who don't like being like everyone.

In order to be stylish and repetitive, we need not only to be in the trend and to buy clothes on the figure, but also the right combination of things between ourselves, literate them by color. Today, our stylist, Alexander Vernier, will tell us how to make it easy and simple.

It's a long time to tell about the theory of color and how to correctly pick colors with a flower circle. However, this method of everyday life is not entirely convenient, so it is better to use the practical table of the 22 most popular in the clothing of the main colours:

Table of colour combinations in clothing

In this table, 22 lines, each of which begins with a basic colour (e.g., dress colour, skirts, blouses or trousers) followed by the most harmonized colours (e.g. shoe colour, bags, handkerchief, coffers, jackets, etc.) which are best combined in colour. Consider that there's no more than three extra colors to pick, Excluding white and blackwhich are combined with all the colors of this palette.

How is it right to choose the colour of clothing on the table?

There are only 22 colours in this table, so the shades must be selected on their own. However, there must be no problem with the shades, you choose them according to your coloured appearance. For example, in the table, the neutral light colour of khaki (21) can easily be replaced by a warm refugee colour and blue (1) by a brush if your appearance requires warm shades.
Also, remember the rule that the contrasting colours of one family are always well combined, and the closets are even combined, but they look boring. And the perfect set can't be more than one bright thing.

Let us look at the example of how to use the table properly and combine the colours.
Like, you bought coral jeans. The coral color table is the 15th line.
Now we're gonna pick up the extra flowers that like, a bowl of mint, and a skirt, shoes and a bag, we're gonna pick up in close refugee shades. We'll add a white shirt and a coffet in a black strip. That's how it got. Modular and steel clothing kits:

Now check yourself out!
Question: Which of these skirts are the best coupled with a coral blouse? Use the table above, line 15.

3 is perfect, because brown and coral belong to the same family, but they create a contrast.
One, four, six, that's a great combination of coral blouse.
2 is a boring combination, one family, but it's too close to the tone.
5, 7 is not appropriate, although these combinations are quite popular now, but they never look as delicious as 1, 3, 4, 6, because the only bright color is perfectly in shape.

Examples of colour selection

We'll look at a few more examples. We're picking up the cuts: in the kit on the left as the blue ribs, the top on the right is the green table (6).
Note that it's better to take the top (blouse, dress) or the brightest thing in the kit, like a yellow skirt in the example of the left or above, we've been considering the jeans.
In the picture, unnecessary colours from the palitres are illuminated for convenience:

There are a few simple but effective inspirational combinations:

Keep your reference to this unique table (see social media buttons under article) - I hope it will help you once more, and gradually you will remember the combination of colors and pick up the clothes.

Get dressed in style and beautiful!

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