Steel Clothing For Muslims

Modellers will provide stomatal clothing for Muslims

In Australia, an exhibition of the clothing of Muslim modellers will be held, in which Melbourne will be able to meet the stylistic dresses of beloved women who meet the requirements of external modesty.

" The clothes I've developed are suitable for women watching the fashion, but at the same time seeking comfort, to wear it conveniently " , commenting in Herald Sun's interview the owner of the DimaG clothing brand, Dima Cattan.

The exhibition entitled " Vera, Module: Muslim style in Australia " will take place from 10 October to 9 July in the Museum of Immigration.

" Many of these brands were founded by Muslims who had difficulty in the selection of modular dashboards, which prompted them to develop their own clothing " , by the manager of the Padmini Sebastian Immigration Museum.

According to Sebastian, the exhibition will be able to look at the outfits that will come from non-Muslims. It will also be represented by the Burkini baths.

Coming to Australia from Palestine more than 25 years ago, Kattan started wearing a hijab eight years ago.

" Before I started wearing a hijab, people could not have guessed, Italian or Muslim, but now people understand it, " she says. I hear unpleasant comments from time to time, but most people still feel friendly.


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